Huntington News Staff Photo/Matt Greene

Huntington News Staff Photo/Matt Greene

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN The Huntington News, April 18, 2013

By Sara Tucker, News Staff

On any college campus, pizza is an absolute staple. With its five pizzerias, along with options at all the dining halls, one thing is clear:  Northeastern loves pizza. So this year, Best Pizza was added as a category on the Best of NU, and the honor – given to Il Mondo pizza – is a big one. Il Mondo is just a short walk from campus down Huntington Avenue past the MFA. There are many students who have never ventured to the restaurant, but those who have are hooked.

“I ordered a buffalo chicken pizza from there late one night. It was hands down the best pizza I have had in Boston. And I know good pizza, I am from a really heavy Italian area of New Jersey,” says freshman biology major Andrew Bloy.

With wraps, pasta, salad, wings, sandwiches and burgers in addition to pizza, the venue is wildly popular due to its variety, and, of course, its pizza. Choices like The Ernesto with ranch dressing, bacon, chicken, tomatoes and onions, Hawaiian with ham and pineapple, Marinated Chicken with chicken, peppers, garlic, spinach and cheese and the Il Mondo Special with pepperoni, sausage, bacon, spinach, broccoli, ham, mushroom and onion dominate the menu and leave customers with mouths watering. The restaurant offers a variety of flavors and options that can be found nowhere else on campus – maybe even nowhere else in the city. A new location just opened on 182 Mass Ave., and online ordering is now available. The Huntington Avenue location is open seven days a week from 10:30 a.m. to 1 a.m. and pizza can be ordered as a whole pie or by slice.

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