Date finished: January 4, 2019

Rating: ★★★★★

Becoming, Michelle Obama

With the grace, candor, kindness, and optimism she conveyed during her eight years as First Lady — and still today — I expected nothing less than the same from Michelle Obama’s memoir. But what she delivers through Becoming is that and so much more.

Starting from her childhood on the South Side of Chicago and moving through her time as a student at two ivy league universities and then as a lawyer — and Barack’s mentor, Michelle eloquently and humorously weaves her own tale, slowly adding in the characters that would become her family — Barack, Malia, Sasha, and finally Bo and Sunny.

While I love Barack, I appreciate that Michelle uses Becoming to tell her own story, including doubts and hesitations she had about her husband before and during their marriage, the difficulties of being a mother and having her children in constant spotlight, and coping with the hatred unavoidable to herself and her family.

She made me laugh, cry, and feel especially lucky that she and Barack fought — and continue to fight — so hard for our country, for those in need, for those less fortunate, and for those whose voices aren’t always heard. Five huge, teary-eyed stars for Becoming. Everyone should read this.

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