Date finished: February 24, 2018

Rating: ★★★★

It, Stephen King

From Misery to Pet Sematary to ‘Salem’s Lot, King is the absolute master of scaring the pants off his readers. But It, unlike (in my opinion) most of the rest of King’s works, excels at providing a group of capital-a Amazing characters in The Losers’ Club.

Between Bev, Eddie, Bill, Mike, Ben, Richie, and Stan, the reader can’t help but identify with at least one of these endearing personalities, and King writes them in such a way that it’s difficult to mix characters up, which is a problem I’ve had before in books with a large group of main characters. There’s also something to be said about the skill with which King writes childhood horrors. Everyone is afraid of something, but nothing imaginary (in my experience) can terrify you as an adult the way it did as a kid. King’s characters are strong, memorable, and truly, truly terrified.

Apart from the good guys, Pennywise is one of the best antagonists I’ve ever read in a horror story. It is more than just scary; It is the embodiment of each character’s deepest fear(s). It is also unpredictable, which keeps the reader (and the characters) on their toes.

I gave this one four stars because the ending dragged on a bit, but overall really great read that I’ll pick up again without a doubt.

Photo courtesy Dead Entertainment

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