Date finished: January 8, 2019

Rating: ★★★★

The Nightingale, Kristin Hannah

I read Hannah’s The Great Alone recently, and I knew I needed more of her work immediately. Her writing is elegant, poignant, and memorable, and she weaves decades-spanning tales like no other author I’ve read.

The Nightingale recounts the stories of two sisters — Vianne and Isabelle — in World War II France. While exceptionally different, both Vianne and Isabelle find in themselves an enduring call to help fight back against the tyranny of the occupying Germans. Isabelle spends the years of the war ferrying fallen RAF pilots to safety in Spain while Vianne makes it her mission to hide and protect Jewish children whose parents have been sent to concentration camps.

Although most of Hannah’s narrative takes place decades ago, Vianne and Isabelle offer resounding images for what strong, independent women can accomplish. The Nightingale is the perfect read for those who love strong female protagonists and for fans of All the Light We Cannot See.

Photo courtesy books.katalay.net

3 thoughts on “Hannah paints exceptional portraits of strong women

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  2. The Nightingale was my first read by Hannah. It was my favorite read of 2018. I tore through Winter Garden and now I’m reading The Great Alone. I have a feeling I’ll find my way through all of her books eventually.

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