Date finished: January 20, 2019

Rating: ★★★

The Secret History, Donna Tartt

I adored The Goldfinch, and I started reading Tartt’s debut novel as soon as I’d finished it. But where The Goldfinch‘s Theo had some redeeming qualities and his narrative was one I couldn’t get enough of, I really struggled to stay interested in The Secret History.

Main characters Richard (the narrator), Bunny, Henry, Francis, Charles, and Camilla are a group of college students who have been granted entrance into professor Julian Morrow’s Classics courses at Hampden College. The whole group believes themselves above the other students at Hampden and they don’t often socialize with those outside their courses with Morrow.

Specialization in Greek language and history causes four of the characters to commit (accidentally) a truly heinous act that I expected to become the driving force behind the plot for the majority of the book. However, the group doesn’t seem all that bothered or guilty for what they’ve done until it threatens to come to light.

While Tartt can’t help but weave a captivating tale any time she puts pen to paper, I found little motivation to stick with this one.

Photo courtesy @bestesiga (Instagram)

One thought on “Donna Tartt’s debut follows the drama of privileged white college students

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