Date finished: April 7, 2017

Rating: ★★★★

Dead Reckoning: Navigating a Life on the Last Frontier, Courting Tragedy on Its High Season, Dave Atcheson

I really can’t say enough about this book. Dead Reckoning is Atcheson’s first foray into the world of narrative nonfiction, and it’s incredibly effective. It’s The Perfect Storm meets Into the Wild, and Atcheson’s reflective asides and telling of the story to fishing buddies was what made this one for me. Instead of writing for the reader, he sounds as though he’s writing for his friends in Alaska, characters he fleshes out throughout the novel, and for himself, as a way to overcome the hardships that go hand in hand with the Alaskan fishing industry.

There was a lot of information about sailing, captaining and operating a boat, and fishing — some of which could have done with a little more explanation. Overall, however, I came away with much more information about an area and an industry that has always interested me and that I feel deserves so much more attention. Very, very well done.

Photo courtesy Dave Atcheson (daveatcheson.com)

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