Date finished: January 15, 2018

Rating: ★★★★

The Circle, Dave Eggers

I love relevant dystopian novels, and The Circle is up there among the best of them.

Somewhere between Amazon and Facebook, The Circle is a social media platform that offers users around the world countless convenient and helpful services — many of which are seemingly great ideas (i.e. a way to find missing children to reduce numbers of assault, rape, and kidnapping worldwide). Like Amazon’s Alexa, the services offered by The Circle start to get just a little creepy, and soon protagonist Mae Holland finds herself in the public eye via wearable camera literally 24/7.

I really appreciate the pushback offered to the book’s main ideas in the form of Mae’s parents and her high school boyfriend, Mercer, who believe the complete lack of privacy wished for by The Circle can only lead to the social media platform holding a complete monopoly over everything from buying goods to voting in presidential elections, at the expense of its users’ health and happiness.

The ending remains somewhat open to interpretation (and is very thought-provoking), and I’d pick up a sequel to The Circle immediately if Eggers ever wrote one.

Photo courtesy @herbataiksiazki (Instagram)

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