Date finished: July 8, 2019

Rating: ★★★★

Recursion, Blake Crouch

Blake Crouch’s Dark Matter was the first science fiction thriller I’d ever read, and it blew me away. Life-changing science is being researched all the time, but rarely do I consider how it could affect my life. But Blake Crouch excels at pulling readers into a world where obscure scientific advancement becomes reality. His newest release, Recursion, is just as fun and lasting as Dark Matter.

Recursion‘s plot flips between the viewpoints of NYC police officer Barry Sutton and neuroscientist Helena Smith. While conducting research on the specific patterns of neurons firing in the brain while memories are experienced, Helena accidentally finds a way to transport the subconscious into that memory — and therefore into the past.

Barry and Helena’s lives become inextricably entwined when he unwittingly uses her memory machine to save his daughter’s life — and then must spend the rest of his life paying for the consequences of that choice.

As always, Crouch’s style combines gripping action sequences and haunting ethical dilemmas in a plot whose possibilities kept me up at night: “What must it feel like to create a thing that could destroy the structure of memory and time?”

When I wasn’t considering what I’d do in Helena’s place, I was thinking about if/how I’d use her memory machine to change my own life.

While some of the logic around Crouch’s “dead memories” and memory-changing sequences left me a bit perplexed, I really enjoyed this story overall. Highly recommend for readers who like a little action and suspense with their science fiction.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Crown Publishing for the opportunity to read this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Photo courtesy @readingandrunningmdr (Instagram)

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