Date finished: July 30, 2019

Rating: ★★★★

NOS4A2, Joe Hill

From its witty cover, sure-to-terrify content, and horror royalty author, NOS4A2 has been on my to-be-read pile since its publication. Due to its length, however, I only recently committed to this baby. You’ll need to be ready to stick with it for awhile (think It or A Game of Thrones), but NOS4A2‘s memorable characters make it a worthy read I’ll recommend to hardcore horror fans.

As a child, Victoria “Vic” McQueen discovered her supernatural ability to teleport via a covered bridge in her small Massachusetts town. When she needed to find something that was lost, she could simply ride her bike through the bridge and emerge on the other side exactly where the lost object could be found.

This ability accidentally lead her to serial kidnapper Charlie Manx, who would proceed to traumatize her for life after trying to burn her alive. Manx was imprisoned for his crimes, but his own supernatural abilities rendered him able to continue haunting Vic — for whom he returns to exact his revenge years later by kidnapping her son, Wayne.

Manx and Vic are amazing characters that Hill writes very well. One minute you’re in the head of a deluded killer and the next in that of a concerned mother hell-bent on saving her kid. With a supporting cast that rounds out the story flawlessly (a dorky biker, a stuttering librarian, a gas mask–sporting accomplice, and a fun troupe of criminal investigators), NOS4A2 doesn’t fail to keep readers captivated.

Part It and part Stranger ThingsNOS4A2 is a must-read for horror-fantasy fans looking for longer sagas in which to lose themselves.

Photo courtesy @slowprose (Instagram)

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