First in sci-fi trilogy introduces a captivating new world

If you’re looking for a sci-fi/horror with a ton of plot, I would pick a different book/series. However, if you’re intrigued by great descriptions of a world where humans don’t know the rules and are trying desperately to figure them out while not being killed by the plant life/each other, I’d recommend Annihilation.

Realistic dystopia sparks thoughts about the far reach of social media

Somewhere between Amazon and Facebook, The Circle is a social media platform that offers users around the world countless convenient and helpful services — many of which are seemingly great ideas (i.e. a way to find missing children to reduce numbers of assault, rape, and kidnapping worldwide). Like Amazon’s Alexa, the services offered by The Circle start to get just a little creepy, and soon protagonist Mae Holland finds herself in the public eye via wearable camera literally 24/7.

Journalist reveals all in tragic memoir

More than almost any memoir I’ve read in the last few years, Levy really excels at painting herself on the page in her lowest, most difficult moments. Many writers — understandably — have a hard time revealing their worst flaws for potentially thousands and thousands of people to read. Levy doesn’t have this problem; her heartache and hatred and inner turmoil are ours to soak in, and I cried more than once. A good story, but I read this one — and recommend it — for the writing alone.