Brodeur shocks readers with emotional new memoir

Brodeur’s story is one of the most talked about memoirs of the year — and for good reason. With eloquent prose and a surprising ability to write about her own life as a journalist would, she reveals — for the first time — the truth of her relationship with her mother, Malabar. While Brodeur’s story isn’t as redemptive as other childhood memoirs like The Glass Castle, it is still both memorable and important, and it kept me fully engaged.

Long-awaited fantasy confuses more than it captivates

Erin Morgenstern long-awaited sophomore release, The Starless Sea, is a much-hyped fantasy that combines stories and myths and dreams in the most beautiful way. But despite its poetic prose, this ode to storytelling winds such meandering, overlapping, time-transcending tales that it’s difficult to fully understand what’s happening and to stay invested in the glimpses of the whole story we are given.

Where does The Institute rank among Stephen King’s best books?

For more than four decades, Stephen King has been terrifying readers around the world. With international bestsellers like Carrie and The Shining, King’s early success led to the writing of more than 60 other novels. His most recent work, The Institute, combines elements of Firestarter and IT – two of King’s most popular novels – to offer readers a chilling, memorable experience sure to keep them flipping pages well into the night.