Holiday gift guide for all your needs

It’s that time of year again: Black Friday sales are over, holiday lights have been put up on buildings and trees around Boston, and a well-deserved winter break is almost here. But with the snow and the Michael Bublé Christmas album comes the time of the year to buy gifts for friends and family, and that’s always a hassle, no matter how many deals and cute sweaters you find for yourself along the way. So therein lies the big question: What presents do I get the important people in my life for the holidays?

Blue Man Group incorporates music, art, participation into a wild spectacle

With elements varying from a rock concert to a rave to a comedy show, the Blue Man Group pleases crowds internationally with its unusual form of entertainment. Picture this: the lights dim, the crowd is hushed, a vortex of water spins on each side of the stage and a drum beat starts. The beat is heavy, but slow, establishing a rhythm, and then intense drumming starts, with a spotlight illuminating hands that are moving too fast to see, the stark sound of drum sticks on oil drums, and the overlapping of different rhythms and styles. Welcome to the Blue Man Group.