Horror royalty Joe Hill excels at creepy horror-fantasy

From its witty cover, sure-to-terrify content, and horror royalty author, NOS4A2 has been on my to-be-read pile since its publication. Due to its length, however, I only recently committed to this baby. You’ll need to be ready to stick with it for awhile (think It or A Game of Thrones), but NOS4A2‘s memorable characters make it a worthy read I’ll recommend to hardcore horror fans. 

Realistic dystopia sparks thoughts about the far reach of social media

Somewhere between Amazon and Facebook, The Circle is a social media platform that offers users around the world countless convenient and helpful services — many of which are seemingly great ideas (i.e. a way to find missing children to reduce numbers of assault, rape, and kidnapping worldwide). Like Amazon’s Alexa, the services offered by The Circle start to get just a little creepy, and soon protagonist Mae Holland finds herself in the public eye via wearable camera literally 24/7.