This unexpected romance will make you laugh and cry

This book was different from any romance I’ve read so far this year in a really refreshing way. We get the beautiful divorcée mother hoping for a second chance at love; we get the swoon-worthy pop star à la Harry Styles; but we also get the harsh realities of love and motherhood and fame and a relationship with a significant age gap. While this isn’t the fun beach read with the guaranteed HEA, it will make you laugh, cry, and think.


2016 Blurbs

The following are blurbs I wrote for ebooks that appeared on the BookBub website during my time with the company in 2016, starting with the most recent. Blurbs are condensed from larger publisher descriptions that appear on websites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, or Kobo. Subscribers can access publisher descriptions from the book’s promotion, but the blurbs function as the book teaser both in the company’s daily blast email and on the website.