Programs offered in California

With recent focus on developing opportunities for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education, Northeastern University is slated to open a new space in Silicon Valley. The satellite campus, coined Northeastern University – Silicon Valley, will include an 8,000-square-foot space owned by Integrated Device Technology (IDT), set to open in the fall, as well as several smaller hubs in major companies around the city that will open at a later date.

Column: At home in the city streets

The flags along Forsyth whip lazily back and forth in the late afternoon breeze from the harbor while the summer sun slides down the sky, like the ice cream slowly dripping down the side of a little girl’s waffle cone. She’s standing next to the reflecting pool with her dad, watching her reflection ripple and giggling as he makes faces at her in the water. She wants to hold his hand, but hers is covered in vanilla ice cream. She licks a sprinkle off her pinky before it falls onto her pants and smiles up at her dad in triumph – it doesn’t matter that a few drops have already made their way from her chin onto the collar of her pink polo.

Rapper G-Eazy on music, style, inspiration

With a national tour, collaborations with artists like Hoodie Allen, Skizzy Mars and E-40 and an upcoming album, rapper G-Eazy is garnering a great deal of attention on the indie rap scene. The Oakland, Calif. native and Loyola University New Orleans graduate boasts a sound somewhere between Macklemore and Bob Dylan, and is touring the US promoting his new album. The up-and-comer stopped in Boston this past weekend for a sold-out show at the Paradise Rock Club. Before the show, G called in from Grand Rapids, Mich. to talk with The News about his success and his plans for the future.

Mumford & Sons 2013 tour is an instant hit, their first stop in the US: Boston

As the lights went down and the curtain went up, the audience at TD Garden held its breath as those slow seconds passed before Mumford & Sons launched into their first song at last week’s concert. Eight yellow strobe lights in a semicircle above the band rose towards the ceiling, where twinkling lights flowed from one beam to another and pulsed along to the beat of the song. The banjo started playing, the bass drum kicked in and the band’s current #1 single, “I Will Wait,” began to play. The lights on the stage resembled a sun behind the group, and the crowd couldn’t help but sing along as the touching lyrics and upbeat melody of the song leapt from the stage. A collective “I will wait, I will wait for you” could be heard in every corner of the venue as the first of many great songs played.