Where does The Institute rank among Stephen King’s best books?

For more than four decades, Stephen King has been terrifying readers around the world. With international bestsellers like Carrie and The Shining, King’s early success led to the writing of more than 60 other novels. His most recent work, The Institute, combines elements of Firestarter and IT – two of King’s most popular novels – to offer readers a chilling, memorable experience sure to keep them flipping pages well into the night.


Horror royalty Joe Hill excels at creepy horror-fantasy

From its witty cover, sure-to-terrify content, and horror royalty author, NOS4A2 has been on my to-be-read pile since its publication. Due to its length, however, I only recently committed to this baby. You’ll need to be ready to stick with it for awhile (think It or A Game of Thrones), but NOS4A2‘s memorable characters make it a worthy read I’ll recommend to hardcore horror fans.