After “Blank Space” and “Shake It Off,” “Style” video disappoints

In promotion of Taylor Swift’s most recent album, “1989,” the pop princess released videos of tracks “Shake It Off” and “Blank Space,” the record’s first two singles. Today, Swift followed up with the release of the album’s third single video, “Style.” While the track is one of the album’s best, the video, directed by Kyle Newman, leaves something to be desired.

Column: At home in the city streets

The flags along Forsyth whip lazily back and forth in the late afternoon breeze from the harbor while the summer sun slides down the sky, like the ice cream slowly dripping down the side of a little girl’s waffle cone. She’s standing next to the reflecting pool with her dad, watching her reflection ripple and giggling as he makes faces at her in the water. She wants to hold his hand, but hers is covered in vanilla ice cream. She licks a sprinkle off her pinky before it falls onto her pants and smiles up at her dad in triumph – it doesn’t matter that a few drops have already made their way from her chin onto the collar of her pink polo.