Upcoming thriller is An Anonymous Girl with a surprising twist

Very reminiscent of Greer Hendricks’ and Sarah Pekkanen’s An Anonymous Girl, Hillier excels at putting the reader in the head of two women whose lives have been twisted by the men in them. Tactfully utilizing deception, humiliation, lies, manipulation, and kidnapping (!) — each in a surprising new way — the characters in Little Secrets are everything you don’t want in a relationship.

Social media–focused romance falls flat

After reading Red, White & Royal Blue this past spring, I’ve been on the hunt for stories to satisfy my craving for more wholesome teen romance. With its smart, tech-savvy, sassy protagonists, Emma Lord’s debut novel, Tweet Cute, seemed promising, but, alas, its focus on social media and the resultant drama detracted from the juicy, captivating parts of relationships, and I found it hard to stay invested.