Debut author pens breathtaking Native American fiction

Debut author Tommy Orange presents a memorable story detailing many different characters’ experiences around and leading up to a singular event — a local powwow — that will affect all their lives. The Native American author sheds light on the experience of Natives living in cities (as opposed to on reservations), specifically Oakland, CA, where Orange grew up.


Rapper G-Eazy on music, style, inspiration

With a national tour, collaborations with artists like Hoodie Allen, Skizzy Mars and E-40 and an upcoming album, rapper G-Eazy is garnering a great deal of attention on the indie rap scene. The Oakland, Calif. native and Loyola University New Orleans graduate boasts a sound somewhere between Macklemore and Bob Dylan, and is touring the US promoting his new album. The up-and-comer stopped in Boston this past weekend for a sold-out show at the Paradise Rock Club. Before the show, G called in from Grand Rapids, Mich. to talk with The News about his success and his plans for the future.