Wilson dips a toe in magical realism with great success

This little book brought me so much joy! Its protagonists — all three of whom are awkward in the most endearing ways — tugged at my heart, made me laugh out loud, and serve as a great reminder that we’re all a little bit weird, and that’s okay.

Debut author’s 2020 YA thriller can’t be missed

I was lucky enough to read an early ARC of debut author Diana Urban’s first novel, All Your Twisted Secrets, and it. is. so. good! Rife with tension, teenage drama, a love triangle, backstabbing, and secrets — not to mention a syringe of poison and a bomb (!) — All Your Twisted Secrets is Agatha Christie meets The Breakfast Club and the perfect YA thriller to keep you up all night. 

7 of the Best Tweets from Stephen King

With his impressive collection of bestselling novels and movie and television adaptations, Stephen King has become a household name. But when he’s not writing or reading, he’s managed to rack up over five million followers on Twitter, where his quips about TV shows, life, politics — and his dogs — delight fans and spark conversation. From subtle musings to laugh-out-loud directives, here are eight times the famous writer was our favorite on Twitter.

Where does The Institute rank among Stephen King’s best books?

For more than four decades, Stephen King has been terrifying readers around the world. With international bestsellers like Carrie and The Shining, King’s early success led to the writing of more than 60 other novels. His most recent work, The Institute, combines elements of Firestarter and IT – two of King’s most popular novels – to offer readers a chilling, memorable experience sure to keep them flipping pages well into the night.